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Virtualization and cloud security


New ways of working require new ways to manage risk and safety. Mobility, flexible work, BYOD and increased collaboration between companies have profoundly changed the risk profile and undermined the effectiveness of existing IT architectures. The challenge now is to provide individuals with the flexibility they need to achieve optimal productivity, while ensuring the security and compliance that businesses need.


Desktop Virtualization Offers Businesses a Better Way to Secure their information and manage their risks. The basic principle of desktop virtualization, it is the centralization of IT resources within the data center.

"In computing, virtualization is the set of hardware and / or software techniques that make it possible to run on one machine or in a set of machines (cluster) several operating systems and / or several applications that operate separately from each other. others, as if they were running on separate physical machines. "

Virtualization is everywhere:
- Tools to secure Internet browsing
- Virtualization of applications for specialized functions
- Virtualization of operating systems
- Cloud Computing infrastructure to aggreger multiple processors for very complex computations.
- Desktop virtualization of employees to avoid physical attacks, losses, theft
- Virtualization to better protect all employees of a large company. We update a database that automatically updates the systems of all employees.
- Virtualization to ensure that all employees are subject to a single IT systems management policy ...
- Etc. In short, virtualization to be safe or to react better in cases of security failures.

The question of security is now raised
-Are you ready to virtualize?
In this episode, our expert sponsors will speak, demonstrate and present on the following topics:
1 - Modernization of workstation management
2 - Identity protection at the company level
3 - Detection & Prevention of attacks proactively
4 - Cloud Infrastructure Management for Application Virtualization

This Technology brief is sponsored by:

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