Speaker Profile

General Director

Gérard Lokossou is the new General Manager of Airtel Congo Brazza. In 1996, after a Technical University Diploma , he began his career at the CIDT (Compagnie Ivoirienne de Développement des Textiles) as Logistics Manager.
He returned to school to complete his training and obtained in 2000, the diploma of engineer in logistics and transport. Brilliant, he attracts the main multinationals of the mass distribution even before the validation of its engineer cycle at the prestigious INP-HB of Yamoussoukro. Unilever will make the best proposal in terms of employment and prospects to him. Therefore he joined in July 1999, the flagship of the British industry in Abidjan.
He moved up the ranks of buyer to Unilever and was tempted in 2004 by a new adventure with his neighbor Nestlé, who offered him a regional position as Purchasing Director for Central and Western Africa.
He is spotted in 2008 by Christian De Faria, boss of MTN in Central and West Africa. It is thus that it enters the mobile telephony in vogue on the continent.


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