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Mohamed Dembélé is 50, holds a Master's degree in cryptography from the Worcester Polytechnic in the United States, and an electrical engineer. In 1997, he began his career at CyberTrust (now a subsidiary of Verizon), before joining the PRTM consulting firm in the United States. In 2011, Mohamed Dembele joined the newly acquired PwC firm in Dubai and joined the PwC Afrique Francophone Consulting department in Casablanca in 2014. With several years of experience as Technical Director and IT (CTO ) in different telecommunications companies in Africa, Mohamed Dembélé is a specialist in the telecommunications and cybersecurity sector. He has had the opportunity in his career to advise large groups and SMEs of telecoms around the world.

As a partner, Mohamed Dembélé is responsible for the development of telecoms and cybersecurity consulting activities in French-speaking Africa. It aims to make Abidjan a PwC center of expertise in the telecoms and digital sector in French-speaking Africa.


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